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At the Comfort Group, we make an effort to avoid getting stuck in old ways of doing things. Because of this philosophy, we hire a wide and changing variety of positions to fit our and our client’s needs, including project managers and coordinators, student interns, and experienced and motivated tradesmen and women. We put a real focus on preparing our employees with the training they need to do their jobs well, and we keep things fresh by welcoming students from local colleges to participate in internships or cooperative education opportunities with us. Although we’re a small company, we have fun too – with quarterly appreciation lunches, charity events, and a casual office atmosphere.

In addition, the Comfort Group believes that team members should be rewarded for their service, and we are proud to offer a competitive benefits package to our full-time employees, including paid vacation and holidays, health insurance, a 401-k plan and many training opportunities.


Visit our website often to view available position openings.

The Comfort Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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